Our Purpose In Brief

We provide East African pastors, church leaders, and their community members with the business education they need to thrive in their ministry calling. We offer international ministry leaders the organizational consulting they need to thrive in their service to East Africans. We share the love of Jesus in a variety of ways, always with the goal of maintaining the dignity of and respect for local pastors.

We serve East African pastors, church leaders, and their community members—primarily in Uganda and Kenya—who lack access to essential educational resources.

We provide spiritually integrated, culturally relevant, developmentally appropriate, and economically beneficial business education and consulting. 

We live among and serve people in the inner-city slums and in the far-away villages of East Africa. 

We walk alongside East African people as they become positive influencers in their community, in their country, and in the body of Christ.

We respond first to existing partners, next to referrals from trusted partners, and finally to new invitations when goals and resources are mutually aligned.

We conduct business workshops and conferences, and provide mentoring and consulting, with an emphasis on self-reliance and God-dependence.