DELETE East African Pastors: How to Get Involved

If you are an East African pastor and would like to arrange a Christ-centered business workshop for your church or community, we want to hear from you. But before you send us your request, here are a few things you should know:

The Program
Follow this link to read about the business program content.

The Schedule
  • The entire entrepreneurship series of workshops is ten full days in length. We find two to five days most appropriate for our first sessions together so that participants have a foundation upon which to begin practicing their new skills without being overwhelmed by too much new information.
  • Participant commitment to attending the entire session every day is essential to maximize learning and lifelong impact. Therefore, setting the schedule ought to be done with concern for participant family and business demands.
  • Because the program is business oriented, we strive to demonstrate business practices that are both challenging to culture and essential to success. One essential schedule-related practice is that of keeping time.

The Responsibilities
We consider our work together to be a partnership; we expect to share both financial and non-financial responsibilities with you.

Surprised by Hope will be responsible for:
  • Collaboratively planning for the most successful ministry and learning experience possible.
  • Preparing for and delivering sound biblical and business education.
  • Transportation to and from the venue.
  • Where reasonable accommodation is available, we will cater for our own lodging and food with assistance in making advanced reservations where appropriate.
  • Making hardcopy hand outs available for those participants who wish to purchase them at their original cost. Electronic handouts are always available free of charge. Because we work in areas covering more than 15 languages, we provide English hand outs only, but you are welcome to translate them as needed.

The pastor or organizing committee is responsible for:
  • Collaboratively planning for the most successful ministry and learning experience possible. This experience should always begin with praise and worship, and prayer.
  • Arranging a venue and all the equipment that you feel is necessary for a successful classroom environment. Typically the venue is a church offered by one of the participating pastors. The financial management content requires a black board and chalk; otherwise, we have no special requirements.
  • Mobilizing the target participants with emphasis on arriving on time, bringing a Bible (for those who have one), and being prepared with pens and notebooks (for those who read and write).
  • Providing a highly qualified translator. Skilled translators are essential to participant comprehension of the learning content.
  • Where reasonable accommodation is NOT available, provide lodging and food for the ministry team, typically in local homes.
  • Providing food, if you deem it to be necessary, for participants. Often participants will bring food from their gardens to contribute to feeding the group or they will contribute a modest amount determined by the organizing committee as necessary to feed contributing participants.

The Money
Of special note is the issue of money.
  • We do not charge any fee to East Africans who wish to attend and are serious about receiving a Christ-centered business education.
  • We do not provide for any expenses incurred by participants. We believe the best way to help them is that they help themselves by sacrificing and, therefore, committing to change through this learning experience.
  • We do not provide for any expenses incurred by the church leaders or organizers. We believe the shared sacrifice demonstrates commitment to learning and change.
  • We do not give money for business startups. Surprised by Hope is a development ministry and we offer education to those who would otherwise not have access. We are not a relief ministry. Please read about Our Philosophy to learn more. We respectfully request that you refrain from asking for money.
If you would like to request that Surprised by Hope serve in your community, and agree to the various information provided, send us an email to begin the conversation.

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