DELETE Western Partners: How to Get Involved

Getting involved can be easy, painless, and temporary. Getting involved can also require a more significant, long-term commitment. Your level of involvement is entirely up to you. The opportunities are abundant and are often filled by the missionary alone or by sacrificial board members. Even the smallest service lightens that burden so that ministry can be the primary focus of all. Following are just a few of the simple and complex ways you can get involved:

We need regular prayer partners. The enemy is a comfortable spectator in countries where under development, corruption, and idol worship hold people in darkness. When light begins to permeate darkness, he rises up and begins plotting our ruin—often in the areas of health, safety, and finances. He refuses to relinquish control over a nation and, when we refuse to flee, all out spiritual warfare ensues. We know that our God is bigger than any plans of the enemy and your prayers are needed to call down his protection over us as we serve his people.

Wisdom and Collaboration
We need your wisdom in business, ministry, marketing, and fundraising. If you have experience in these areas, we would love to learn from you to help Surprised by Hope be all that God has called us to be.

Social Promotion
  • Share Facebook or Blog posts.
  • Arrange speaking engagements with your church, work, or small group.
  • Host a handcraft party for springtime or for Christmas.
  • Introduce us to your pastor or missions leader.
  • Share praises, insights, and opportunities with your friends.
  • Tell others about us wherever you go.

Short-term Missions
Join us in Uganda or Kenya for a business- or ministry-focused short-term mission trip. Everyone who loves the Lord is qualified to serve his people and he has given you some remarkable gifts and skills with which to do so. Send us an email to begin the conversation about what it would look like to serve him together.

Non-traditional Giving
Cash gifts are an important part of our successful service to the people of East Africa, but equally as important are non-cash gifts.

Ministry Related
  • Shop at Amazon Smile and a portion of your purchase will be donated to Surprised by Hope.
  • Join the 100 Christmas Dolly program.
  • Purchase a flight using your frequent flier miles.
  • Provide the supplies needed to print, stuff, label, and mail newsletters.
  • Pick up and drop off at the airport during home visits.

Personal Related
  • Provide for personal needs not covered by ministry expenses (such as sunscreen, shampoo, deodorant, etc.). Send us an email to find out what is most urgently needed.

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