Our Distinctives

Each ministry has its own flavor, its distinct approach to delivering services. Following are the elements that set Surprised by Hope apart from all the others:
  • We provide business teaching founded on the Word of God and useful for everyday life. Business teaching, and the hope of economic improvement, is a great way to draw pre-Christians in developing countries into the church. 
  • We deliver services where people live, in inner-city slums and far-away villages, rather than making them come to the city which is financially impossible for the majority of the people we serve. 
  • We work primarily with Christian ministry leaders, particularly pastors and church leaders, as well as other nonprofit ministry-related organizations. Each partner has a local leader, a project champion. They’ve already started something and we come alongside them to equip and empower them so that they find success in their own right. 
  • We don’t take over their project, do their work, or fund their initiatives. 
  • We develop relationships that allow ongoing connections so that we can add or adjust teaching to continue helping people help themselves.